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Thames Television understandably didn't see the potential of Regan and Carter dressable figures or Sweeney musical mugs, as there were few things Sweeney related available in shops. This is what is still around, but you'll have to keep your minces open...

Sweeney videos...

Before the current, comprehensive DVD box sets, only a few selected episodes were released throughout the 90s, and in no particular order.

Video Video

Video Video

Video Video

On Thames Video, their catalogue numbers are:

VR 1664 - Supersnout & Hit And Run
VR 1701 - Queen's Pawn & Night Out
VR 1720 - The Placer & Cover Story
VR 1728 - Golden Boy & Big Spender
VR 1751 - Contact Breaker & Abduction
VR 1764 - Trap & Poppy
VR 1768 - Big Brother & I Want The Man
TV8260 - Selected Target & In From The Cold
TV8176 - Ringer
TV9909 - Regan - Pilot episode

Sweeney board game...

A board game from 1975...

Sweeney Board Game - The Box

Sweeney Board Game - The Board Sweeney Board Game - Figures

It has a yellow and black duo-toned drawing of Regan and Carter on the box, and claims to be 'an exciting game for four players'.

The game parts are: a board, a scoreboard, 16 small cards and 4 small plastic figures representing The Villians (typical Burgler Bill 'swag' type figures) and The Sweeney (Policeman blowing a whistle, not miniatutre John Thaws unfortunately). Oh, and two dice.

The idea is that you work in pairs, two players are the villians, and two are The Sweeney. You have to meet up with your partner at randomly designated places on the board for a raid. When you successfully raid a location you get points to add to the scoreboard, and the winner is the first up the scoreboard to number 14.

The game was made by Omnia Pastimes, and regularly turns up on eBay.

Sweeney books...


Sweeny Book Sweeney Book

Sweeney Book Sweeney Book

The first Sweeney book was by Ian Kennedy Martin. Note the mis-spelt title on the cover! I'm fairly sure that the scene depicted on the cover is from 'Abduction' when one of Regan's snouts meets a sticky end.

There was a whole series of books published in the 70s by other authors...

They were released in 1977 - right in the middle of Sweeney mania. On the back of the books it lists others in the series:

  • The Sweeney
  • Regan and the Manhatten File
  • Regan and the Deal Of The Century
  • Regan and the Lebanese Shipment
  • The Human Pipeline
  • Regan And The Bent Stripper
  • Regan and the Snout Who Cried Wolf

They were published by Futura Publications Ltd, with a subheading of 'A Contact Book'.