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How to Choose Between Hardwood and Softwood Timber

It tends to be wise for one to make sure that he or she chooses the right timber for the right project. You would need to go for the most durable and easy to work with timber for the project in question. Bearing in mind that humans have been using timber for a very long time, there are some experts who know some of the best timber for every project. You would need to note that wood is recognized as a key component in the most architectural industry. Timber is known to fall under hardwood category and softwood category. It may be critical to remember that each type of timber tends to come with special characteristics.

You would need to note that hardwood timber tends to be sourced from hardwood trees which tend to be broad-leaved trees and tend to grow at a slower pace when compared to softwood. Hardwood trees are also known to be denser when compared to softwoods. Hardwood timber is also generally characterized by its complex structure. Other aspects that tend to characterize hardwood include durability and superiority when compared to most softwood timber. You may need to take note of some of the hardwood timber categories which include oak, iroko, meranti and teak trees which tend to take very long to grow and also tend to be very expensive. You may need to go for hardwood timber in a case where you are working on a project that demands high resistance timber. Trees such as maple, beech, and walnuts are the best when it comes to joinery projects, fine veneers, wooden flooring and crafting furniture. You would also need to note that hardwood timber tend to be known for their unique colors, wood grains as well as their aesthetics. Harwood timbers are known for their lower maintenance cost, resistance to weather as well as longevity.

Softwood timber tend to be more readily available due to their faster growth rate when compared to hardwood. Softwood timber tends to be averagely less expensive when compared to hardwood counterpart. Softwood timber is also known to come with lesser density when compared to hardwood timber. Softwood are mostly used to make construction framing, manufacturing windows and generating sheets such as fibreboard and plywood. Even when treated, softwood tend to be less durable and also tend to come with a higher maintenance cost in their lifespan.

You would need to make sure that you checklist of the project you need, description, the best timber for it among other aspects even before making a purchase. You would need to source custom made timber for a specific use bearing in mind that the best suppliers tend to ensure that the timber in question is ready for the task.

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