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Tahini: Homemade Recipe for Tahini

When you want tahini, it is good to try preparing it yourself. Nothing is hard in the process and there are also some videos for the same. The taste is nutty, it’s vegan and very simple when it comes to the actual home preparation. Comparing store-bought tahini, they are similarly the same as the homemade provided that you follow the right preparation procedure. Hulled seeds that you will mostly see on the stores are lighter in color while the un-hulled ones are lighter. Hence, let’s have a look at the simple homemade recipe for tahini.

When it comes to tahini use, the first one is for making hummus. You can as well make your own salad dressing with the tahini which is very simple and another application. You might also drizzle it over meat and vegetables. Falafel that is a homemade can also be well served with tahini. When you are preparing desserts tahini use can also be good and recommended to give a chunky chocolate look. There are many more uses of tahini once you have it in your fridge.

Through a homemade procedure for preparing tahini, you will find it very simple and fast. Checking on the ingredients, sesame seeds, oil and salt are the only ones needed. When choosing the sesame seeds, you need to choose the hulled ones. The oil is important to make sure the tahini is turned into a smooth paste. The type of oil is not specifically provided that it is natural oil. Addition of salt even though it is optional might assists when it comes to the taste.

First, you need to start the recipe by toasting the sesame seeds first and this is to enhance the flavor. After the seeds have burned within less time since they are tiny, you need to spread them in a saucepan. What follows is for you to stir the seeds until they darken. Afterward, you need to throw the seeds in a bowl for food processing and do the processing until they are crumbly. For you to turn it into a creamy paste, you need to add oil. For you to make the tahini smooth and pourable, you need to do the processing for some minutes.

After you are already through with the processes, you can not decide to add salt to the tahini but you need to know that salt is an optional ingredient here. Processing will therefore have to continue upon addition of salt until when the tahini combines. You need to have an airtight container where you will have to store the tahini after processing. You can store the tahini in a refrigerator for a couple on months and stir it when it separates.

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